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“Marathon Energy worked with us to develop a plan that allowed us to take advantage of commodity prices that were going down, all the while protecting us from market volatility. As a result of their plan, we saved significantly on our energy last year.”
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An Unmatched Care For Our Customers

With over 150 years combined experience and nearly 20 years of customer focused operations, Marathon strives to be your trusted energy provider. We’re committed to offering the highest level of customer service and incredible competetive prices. There’s a reason people choose Marathon Energy.

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Discover Our Renewable Energy Services

Marathon Energy strongly believes in the importance of renewable energy in today’s global economy. Renewable energy can be derived from several sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tidal waves, and geothermal heat. When you decide to invest in renewables, you’re making an investment in the future and the sustainability of our planet.

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With a suite of energy efficiency products, Marathon will work with you to identify the best opportunities for you to reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy costs.

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When you decide to partner with Marathon Energy, you know that you will have the benefit of 20+ years of industry experience and knowledge on your side. Marathon Energy continues to be at the forefront of energy advancements and innovation. Join the industry experts, and become part of the force that is leading the energy management movement.

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