Value Added Services

Helping our customers reduce energy costs and consumption

Request Free Energy Audit

Request A Free Energy Audit

With a suite of energy efficiency products, Marathon will work with you to identify the best opportunities for you to reduce your energy consumption and lower your energy costs. Right now, we are offering free energy audits for small to mid-sized commercial customers in the NY metro area. Please provide us with the following information to get started:

Committed to our customers in all the right ways

Marathon is committed to creating sustainable environments and communities for our customers. That’s why we offer several value added services to fit your needs.

  • Energy Audit

    Energy audits are the first step toward identifying areas for improvement and often, significant energy savings can be realized. Stay on top of the latest energy advancements and local regulations.

  • Solar Power

    All across the nation solar is becoming increasingly more affordable. If you were thinking about installing solar panels for your home or business, now is the right time to explore your options.

  • Batteries

    Battery storage is an excellent way to capture excess energy before it gets sent back to the grid. Battery storage offers consumers more control over their energy efficiency and consumption costs.

  • LED Lightbulbs

    With so many businesses trying to operate efficiently, choosing LED lights can add up to huge energy savings. LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% and drastically lower lighting costs.

  • Smart Thermostats

    Heating and cooling represent about 42% of your total energy use. Smart thermostats can help you keep an eye on your usage with innovative features like automatic scheduling and detailed energy reports.

  • Utility Bill Management

    Managing your utility bill doesn’t have to be difficult. Our management tools will give you full visibility of your utility bill data - without the hassle. Whether you want an overview or a detailed report, our system will get it done.