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  • No Fees for Switching

    No Fees for Switching

  • No Service Interruptions

    No Service Interruptions

  • No Additional Monthly bills

    No Additional Monthly bills

Seamless transition

Make the switch to Marathon Energy with no fees and no hassle

The transition to Marathon is seamless, as our customers do not experience any break in service. Customers can expect a single, easy to read monthly bill from the utility and there are no signup fees or penalties for switching.

Flexible Pricing

Now you can take control of your energy costs

Choosing Marathon as your energy supplier is easy since regulations allow you to take control of your energy costs. You can take advantage of our competitive rates and flexible pricing options that aren’t offered by the utility. We also offer variable or hybrid plans based on the best market rates available.

Fixed Pricing

Protect against market volatility by locking in your price.

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Variable Pricing

Indexed pricing, capped pricing, flexible financing options.

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